New Year, new pressure?

Are these perfectly acceptable New Year’s resolutions?

Every year, at around this time we seem to get a lot of motivation for us all to better ourselves as we start a new year – to set goals or create a vision of our ‘best self’ and work hard to achieve it. #newyearnewme anyone?

But I’m opting for the no pressure route. This year I will be, well, just me. 

Some people might disagree, but I don’t think that everyone needs to have a 5 year plan, or a 5 week plan. I quite like spontaneity and seeing what happens next.

I don’t necessarily have to be ‘My Best Self’ – actually I’m just proud that I’m moderately good at a few things. 

Perhaps that makes me lazy. Perhaps I have lower expectations than others. Or perhaps I’m just fucking lucky that I’m already really happy with the life I have. 

Life is an adventure and sometimes it’s OK to go with the flow, see what comes along, and be flexible enough to cope with an unexpected event.  

  • Sometimes I WANT to change something. 
  • Sometimes I have an idea and go for it. 
  • Sometimes life throws me a curve ball and I NEED to change something.
  • Sometimes I decide to do something and then change my mind. 

And in my eyes, that’s OK. 

If you’re positively motivated by all the ‘change your life’ memes and motivations, then good for you. Good luck with whatever that change is for you. Enjoy making that change and feeling positive about the progress you make. 

Right now, I don’t have a career dream and there isn’t a fitness goal that I’m working towards and there isn’t a life goal that I’m determined to make real this year. That might change, or it might not. 

If I decide to change something at any point this year, I will change it. If I decide NOT to change anything because actually my unbalanced, unplanned life is pretty fucking fabulous, then I’ll just keep on going, without a plan. Sod the resolutions. 

Happy New Year everyone. 
#resolutionrevolution #newyearsameme  

Author: Unbalanced Woman

I’ve given up on finding the perfect work / life balance. Instead I choose to celebrate the reality of an Unbalanced life, and all the fun, chaos and swearing that brings. (Seriously, if you’re offended by bad language, this is not the place for you.)

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