I’ve given up on finding the perfect work / life balance. Instead I choose to celebrate the reality of an Unbalanced life – because seriously, who really gets it right? I know I don’t.

But I keep going, try to see the humour, and don’t hold back on the swear words.

(Seriously, if you’re offended by bad language, this is not the place for you.)

(The longer version, if you can be bothered….)

I started writing this blog as a sort of therapy (lots of bloggers seem to say this. I accept the cliche!). It’s a way to get all the crap out of my head, because sometimes I just need a good old rant, and then a feel like a weight as lifted.

Why ‘Unbalanced Woman’?

In 2015 I was diagnosed with a ‘Vestibular Dysfunction’ – a problem that impacts how the brain, ears and eyes work together to keep you upright. Like a baby learning to walk, a can often feel and look drunk, but without any of the fun parts – it’s very annoying!

I was (and I remain) literally unbalanced. But I also like the alternate meaning of being a bit mentally or emotionally ‘flexible’ – I celebrate that way of life and that title.

A long period of Neuro Physio helped me to understand the illness, and I learned that I would have to cut back what I could do and take much more rest. I had to tackle not just my physical balance issues, but also my Life Balance’ – what could I actually do less of and still live a life that felt full of the good stuff we all need?

And that’s when I realised how impossible it is to find balance at the best of times. Never mind when life throws an extra little challenge your way.

It’s also when I realised that the word Fuck (along with may other swear words) was starting to appear more in my daily life.

This blog is my celebration of the reality of Unbalanced Life. It may sometimes feel impossible,  but I choose to enjoy it anyway. Every fucking day.

img_2594A bit about me: 

My name is Julie. I live near Manchester (UK) with my two ginger boys – husband and son, and two black cats – Agnes and Margot, named by my boy after characters in Despicable Me.

I love stories… in films, TV, books, theatre, songs, photos, from just talking to people. This blog is just a few of my stories.

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