Facebook School

I’ve learned something useful about Facebook. Perhaps everyone else already knows all this and it’s just me that’s technologically challenged. But if not, pull up a chair at Facebook School. 

There are different levels of Liking and Following. If you’re friends with a person or like a page, you MIGHT see what they post, you might not. The more you click, like or comment on their posts, the more likely Facebook will show you more from them. 

But if like me, you never comment on your partner’s posts (because I can literally turn to him and say ‘I like that’ or show him a real life emoji on my actual face) then you are LESS LIKELY to see their posts. The computer algorithm doesn’t know he’s sitting next to me, and so he wonders why I haven’t bothered to comment about the latest blooming guitar photo he’s posted. 

So, here’s the good bit, if you want to make sure you always see posts from your partner, best friends, your boss or that funny cat videos page, you can choose to ‘FOLLOW’ them and then click on ‘SEE FIRST’. This means that when you next open Facebook your news feed will start with posts from those people. You can also add ‘get notifications’ if you REALLY want to know straight away. 

I’ve had people ask me, ‘Have you stopped doing your Unbalanced Woman page?’, saying they’ve not seen any posts for a while. Now I know why. 

So, I don’t like to ask for Facebook Likes, but you know… if you want to… and you feel you’re missing out sometimes… and you’d like to see all all the wonderful posts from Unbalanced Woman, you know what to do now:

  • Go to the page on Facebook 
  • Click on FOLLOW
  • Choose SEE FIRST
  • Probably turn off ‘get notifications’ unless you actually want them.

Now the question is, will anyone see or share THIS post? Let me know if you do. Just a simple like on my page would be lovely. No need to comment Amen or anything! 



Author: Unbalanced Woman

I’ve given up on finding the perfect work / life balance. Instead I choose to celebrate the reality of an Unbalanced life, and all the fun, chaos and swearing that brings. (Seriously, if you’re offended by bad language, this is not the place for you.)

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